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By Scott Knopf | March 4, 2009

“Eiko” examines the consequences of having roadside sex with a psychopathic, manga-loving hot girl (who wears too much lipstick). As it turns out, and some of you might already know this, men are pretty much defenseless against long legs that stick out of short skirts. Lili, a nympho who would make Christina Ricci’s “Black Snake Moan” character blush, hops into a man’s pickup truck and continues to make advances towards him which he somehow overcomes. Sensing that something’s not right, he shoves her down to the concrete of a local eatery and makes a run for it. Everything seems fine until…

A well-crafted short, Kusching’s film pushes towards being a creepy thriller but never really makes it to the finish line. By all means, “Eiko” is worth watching as the strengths outweigh the negatives, but there were quite a few places where the story deserved a little extra something, something to give it that special memorable quality every filmmaker hopes to achieve.

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