By Eric Campos | February 12, 2002

In putting the trailer together for their newest cheeseball action film, a couple of filmmakers decide to compile their two-minute promo of every single choice shot in the feature. Kinda sounds like the trailer for “Spider-Man”, doesn’t it? Once done, the filmmakers decide that these two minutes were all that they really needed and that the rest of the film is a waste.
“Trailer: The Movie” brings up a great point about what’s going on in Hollywood today and it’s that it seems like there’s a bigger thought process behind the cutting of trailers than there is for the features that these trailers are supporting.
Cute and professionally shot on film, the scenes in “Trailer: The Movie” actually look like stuff that Hollywood cranks out today. Scary indeed. I’d also like to note that the last third of this film is taken up by end credits. In a way, this works itself in as part of the joke, but I don’t think it was completely intentional. A short film having a three-minute end credit sequence is absoludicrous.

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