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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | October 13, 2007

I found this news report over at Dread Central months ago, but Cloverfield News thankfully reminded me of this absurd turn of events in the 1-18-08 hype machine.

It’s not a new issue that people have been cashing in on this new hype. Websites have opened garnering visitors falsely claiming to be a viral site, there was a game website that falsely claimed to be a viral interactive website involved in the campaign, and a store that sold toys also propped its front page with glowing eyes and a message board devoted to the movie.

So, this news isn’t surprising in two levels. One: because everyone’s been jumping on the 1-18-08 bandwagon, and Two: because this is what The Asylum does. They take a blockbuster, a blocksuckster, or a concept and blatantly rip it off. And don’t apologize for it at all, nor do they offer explanations.

The audacity is a bit stunning at first, but don’t worry, they grow on you and you’ll find yourself laughing at their antics soon enough.

The plot to “Tokyo” reads:

“After a massive earthquake in Tokyo, two American filmmakers document the true cause of the destruction.”

Which will likely feature their usual tedious acting and story, with very little glimpses of the monster until the very end. Hell, they may not even show the monster at all.

But we can expect the crew boasting that it will be better than 1-18-08, and also endure the usual defense of The Asylum as well.

This is a funny development for sure, and one that won’t ensure a craze as we’ve seen with Abrams’ current film. Do they have the further audacity to create their own viral websites? Who knows.
I’m giving them exposure by just writing about this absurd copycat, but hell, it’s funny. It’s very funny.

Who ever or whom ever does the cover art for these movies really needs to be snatched up by a great production company. Their movies may suck, but by god, the covers are fun to look at.

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