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By Admin | January 22, 2002

Boston filmmaker Todd Verow is always in the midst of production, or post, or pre-production, or usually all three at once with films like A Sudden Loss of Gravity and The Trouble with Perpetual Déjà vu. He’s shot 12 features on DV since his big splash on the fest circuit with “Frisk” in 1996.
His new film “Up Against a Star” is a pseudo-documentary, made by him and his gang, which describes the filmmaking methods of which Verow has become a bit of a guru in indie circles, capturing the rebel spirit of digi-features in the eyes of many mainstream media outlets. Verow’s production crew, which includes himself, producer Jim Dwyer, and a stable of actors including Philly, Brenda Velez, Eric Sapp, Devery Doleman, and Bill Dwyer, have cranked out an enormous amount of videotape, screening around the world to festivals, all the while maintaining an intimate and small-scale process.
Film Threat spoke with Todd by phone in Boston just before the debut of “Up Against A Star” at Vancouver’s Blinding Light microcinema…
Get the interview in the next part of TODD VEROW: ONCE AND FUTURE KING OF DV>>>

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