By Brian Bertoldo | November 1, 1999

A rash of brutal murders sweeps a small town and a detective turns to a psychic for help in identifying the killer.
Detective Grant Sutherland (Kent Rulon) can no longer watch as woman after woman turns up strangled without any clues as to who is behind these brutal murders. First he turns to retired detective, Barney Fredericks (James Doohan; yes, Scotty from Star Trek) who investigated a series of similar murders eight years prior. After Fredericks refuses to help, Grant turns to another person who worked on the original case, Maggie Russo (Diane Grotke) a blind psychic. Russo can actually see the last moments of a person’s life by merely touching the body. As the killer continues to kill young women, Grant and Russo race to find more clues. A typically generic psychodrama, Through Dead Eyes does deliver with a surprising ending. Let me just say this, Scotty, I mean Fredericks, has a reason for not helping with the investigation.
We’ve all seen these direct to video thrillers on late night cable. The higher budget productions usually star Shannon Tweed but what sets Through Dead Eyes apart can be explained in one word: Scotty.

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