When you were in high school and you wanted to make a movie, you probably called a few friends and grabbed your Super 8 or video camera and just let things happen. But that’s strictly amateur in comparison to what enigmatic Birmingham, Alabama teens Gates and Erik have done. They made a feature-quality film, called, appropriately, “Gates and Erik’s Movie,” and built a website for their effort, a Don’t Tell Mom Production. Say these master film craftsmen:
“Francis Ford Coppola once said that with the rise of new film technologies the next great films will be made by a fat little girl with a studio in her backpack. Well, with the rise of digital technology, we – Gates and Erik – are that fat little girl (in gawky teenage boy form).”
Fat girl or not, Film Threat supports anyone who gets off their a*s and makes their movie. Check out stills, the trailer, and much more at [ Gates and Erik’s Website. ]

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