By Admin | December 19, 2008

Written and directed by “Blood Car” star Mike Brune, “The Adventure” reminds us that trespassing is bad. We’re reminded not to drive down that gated road in the middle of nowhere– even if the gate is open – so as to avoid being hunted down by redneck cannibals, shot at by angry farmers, eaten by wild creatures on the rampage, or as what happens in this film, be forced to witness a mime performance.

Okay, so we all agree that mimes are far from amusing. In fact, ever since we were given “Shakes the Clown” in ’91, it has been socially acceptable to commit acts of violence upon them. But, you can’t deny it, the situation here in this short film is rather funny…and a little creepy. The film begins with an older couple driving through a wooded area, commenting on their lovely surroundings. Deciding to make the fateful trek down a gated road, they soon find themselves faced with a mime blocking their path. The mime stops them and forces them to watch a performance. Now, what’s really funny here is the couple’s genuine interest in what the mime is conveying to them through his silent actions. Yes, they would really like to continue on their journey, but they’re nice so they give the “artist” their attention. And just when they decide they’ve had enough, another mime steps out of the woods and shoots the other mime with an invisible mime rifle before taking off back into the woods. Now the couple is stuck with a seemingly dead mime on the roof of their car and their incredible patience with this situation thus far continues.

Again, the main attraction here is the couple playing straight man to this bizarre, sort of Gary Larson’s “Far Side” type of predicament. And as amusing as it is, it’s also quite nerve-wracking as you’re constantly wondering what this all could be leading up to. Check out “The Adventure” if you can and you won’t be disappointed.

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