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By Film Threat Staff | June 5, 2000

The Blinding Light Cinema of Vancouver, BC was broken into and robbed of some vital projection booth equipment. The total value of the items stolen (sound system amplifier, equalizer, two VCRs and other smaller items) is, unfortunately, near-equivalent to the extremely high deductable on the business insurance. Furthermore, by not claiming it, they will prevent a hike in their premiums (already very high but unavoidable).
The Blinding Light is a non-profit labour of love venture that is almost entirely volunteer-run, and operates at a deficit even when things are good. And so, if you are: ^ 1) independently wealthy, ^ 2) a stereo system manufacturer, or ^ 3) can spare a few bucks ^ they encourage you to donate to our theft fund! Every penny/piece of equipment counts….. ^
Cheques can be made out to THE BLINDING LIGHT and mailed to the address below. (Please note that we cannot supply a tax-receipt because we do not have charitable status). If you wish to be acknowledged in their next calendar, please say so when donating. Otherwise, your donation will be assumed anonymous (which is fine too). From the bottom of their collective heart: Blinding Light would like to thank those who are already helping out with planning benefits, raffles and starting funds: Blaine Thurier, Reg Harkema, Steve Balogh, Jane Lee, Elizabeth Zvonar, and Kyla Sweet (and all those involved in these ventures).
The Blinding Light Cinema ^ 36 Powell Street ^ Vancouver, BC CANADA V6A 1E7
office/cafe: 604.684.8288 ^ infoline: 604.878.3366 ^ email: ^

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