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By Eric Campos | February 12, 2002

It’s a good idea – a comedy piece about a character that you can’t see, so you can stage an entire violent, bloody hit and run scene with only the aid of some sound effects and voice acting. Actually, this film is entirely made up of three shots, each one with not a single visible actor, and it’s funnier than most films I’ve seen at this festival. This is what I mean when it’s more important to have a good comic sense than just know what makes people laugh because a lot of times, when trying to apply these things that make people laugh, the person behind the wannabe-funny doesn’t have what it takes to pull it off…unless your name is Gym Jones. That guy rules!
Comedy is more difficult to execute than people realize. You can tell the shittiest joke and it’s all in how you tell or execute it. Your execution gives it the charm that will win over your audience. The filmmakers behind “The Terror of the Invisible Man” have that charm.

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