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By Admin | April 21, 1997

Take a blender and drop in “The Kentucky Fried Movie”, Garth from “Wayne’s World”, John Waters, Monty Python, the hit-and-miss anarchy of Mel Brooks, a
large smelly turd and puree on high for one-and-a-half hours and you, too, can make “The Underground Comedy Movie”.
Writer/Director/Star Vince Offer made a couple million dollars selling salad choppers at the mall. He took a two-day workshop and decided to make a movie.
TUCM is offensive, disgusting and damn funny. A sketch comedy movie that makes “The Boob Tube” look like Sesame Street starring Offer, “Baywatch” prop Gena Lee Nolan, ex-rock star Slash, famous-for-twenty-minutes Joey Buttafuoco, Karen Black and Lightfield Lewis.
This was a “pre-pre-cut version” so I’m hoping they will tighten it up and cut out the numerous unfunny scenes but when it’s good it’s great (I literally cried from laughter during an Asian porn spoof entitled “Sushi Mama”).
Things you may see (after the cut): ^ 1) A hilarious “I Love L.A.” spoof (“I Hate L.A.”) including an O.J. lookalike throwing a Nicole head into the trash and ending with Vince shooting the drag queen he’s been driving around with and himself in the head. ^ 2) A necrophiliac porn star named Arnold Swollenpecker in a jealous fit of rage because he thinks his (naked dead) girlfriend has been flirting with other guys This scene has excruciatingly long reaction shots of his object of lust. Guess what? No reaction. ^ 3) A man cutting costs by replacing the meat in his spaghetti with aborted fetuses.
4) Gena Lee Nolan massaging her exposed breasts to summon a superhero with a
giant dick for a head (“If you show them he will cum”). ^ 5) A skirt-wearing cop named Flirty Hairy (“Go ahead, make me gay”). ^ 6) A drunken Slash hosting a Miss America Bag Lady of the year ceremony featuring a must-see swimsuit competition. ^ 7) A big, black, bald homosexual virgin (“Things You’ll Never See”). A crapload of other stupid funny stuff.
Things you won’t see: Anna Nicole Smith doing guys for a dollar a pop in a portapoop (It was cut). Apparently she didn’t want to be associated with a Joey Buttafuoco movie.

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