By Eric Campos | April 10, 2007

The title of this doc describes that very special time between a couple when they decide that bringing a new life into the world would be a good idea. But that’s only the beginning of this ride. Filmmaker Ross Williams and his partner in life Kristan Williams give you (pretty much) play by play coverage of what it’s like to be an expectant parent. A lot of questions answered and fears soothed right here in this feature length documentary. Parents-to-be would do well by checking out this movie.

“The Turning Point” follows happily wedded movie nerds Ross and Kristan on their adventure towards parenthood through home video footage taken by Ross, edited down in order to create this feature length doc that doubles as a sort of instructional video for pregnant couples, or a trip down memory lane for those who have already gone through the process of having children. All the worries, the excitement, the scares, the pleasant surprises – they’re all here…minus some of the more intimate moments of course. As revealing as this documentary is, some things just ain’t your beeswax, bub.

So, yeah, it’s a no-brainer to see that this documentary is for a very specific audience, but for a guy that never has, or never will consider having children, I appreciated the bravery it took to let everyone in on a very personal time in a couple’s life, not sugar-coating it with nothing but the good times, but showing plenty of the rough times as well. It’s a well-done doc that does what it sets out to do. Kudos.

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