I love beef jerky, but even more than that, I love films about the mass murder of hippies. They really pump my nads.
Lured into the woods by a fake ad boasting a phony Phish reunion, a bunch of hippies find themselves reluctantly engaging in an event inspired by the film “The Most Dangerous Game.”
This film doesn’t get by on just the murder of hippies alone. “The Truth About Beef Jerky” is packed with an abundance of colorful characters, including a character named Count Nugent, who might remind you of a certain rock star, a peeping tom pervert, an agro liquor store employee, hippies and other weirdos. The characters are all excellently written, directed and acted so that the film doesn’t turn into a complete cluster-f**k. That’s a great feat seeing that so many filmmakers have problems with keeping their films under control that feature only two characters… flat characters at that. T. Hunter McCann has proved himself in the short film arena. Now I want to see what he can do with a feature.

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