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By Alan Ng | September 28, 2023

In Marcella Cortland and Alrik Bursell’s horror short, Parka, the lesson for today is to stand behind one’s convictions.

Tonight will be an enchanted one for our heroine, Sara (Lauren Taylor), but there’s one problem. The fur coat that she’s wearing is made from real fur. Not wanting to put a halt to the night, her best friend, Josh (Ed Gonzalez Moreno), convinces Sara that it’s really not a big deal. Ultimately, Sara convinces herself that the hassle of going back and getting a new coat is not worth it. Plus, she’ll be warm on this chilly night. Of course, she will regret this decision.

“…convinces herself that the hassle of going back and getting a new coat is not worth it.”

Parka is a nicely balanced blend of comedy and horror. The first half of the short is a witty conversation between two people concerned for animals and their well-being, so long as it doesn’t inconvenience them. It does, and as Sara, Lauren Taylor nails it as the slightly dim-witted victim.

The second half is an even wittier monster horror utilizing terrifying puppets. This gives Parka the distinction of being a wild, fun, and cheesy slasher. Cortland and Bursell’s ending has a nice and tidy punch line. This is a very solid short.

For more information, visit the Parka Facebook page.

Parka (2023)

Directed: Marcella Cortland, Alrik Bursell

Written: Marcella Cortland

Starring: Lauren Taylor, Ed Conzalez Moreno, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Parka Image

"…a nicely balanced blend of comedy and horror."

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