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By John Clapp | May 28, 2008

“The Toaster That Toasted The Golden Toast” actually isn’t as serious a film as the name implies, which is a pretty telling statement.

In this absurd 10-minute short by writer/director/producer Danny Bourque (a University of New Orleans student filmmaker), two slackers stumble upon a magical toaster while shopping in a thrift store. The toaster, which has the power to turn any bread, muffin or bagel into gold, is the store’s prized possession – it was not intended for purchase.

The guys who acquired the toaster, upon realizing their good fortune, immediately begin buying bulk quantities of white bread. The irritated shopkeeper discovers it was sold by accident and sends out a devastating pair of henchmen (one kung fu master, one sumo wrestler) to reclaim it.

The jewel of the movie is a silly chase scene and dramatic rooftop fight sequence. While certainly not the only rooftop fight scene in motion picture history, the climax in “The Toaster That Toasted The Golden Toast” may in fact be the only one that prominently involves a toaster in the action. It’s a wonderfully shot scene, full of quick cuts and epic brawling that would make Chuck Norris proud.

The film even drops a lesson at the end as the shopkeeper, a petite but powerful woman, reminds her rivals that with great power comes great responsibility.

Bizarre? Sure. Funny? Yep. And it goes well with butter, margarine or jam.

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