In keeping with our mission to celebrate independent and underground cinema, Film Threat would like to offer an encore appraisal of the best films which never received a wide release in 2004. And rather than labor under the delusion that only great films exist beyond the reach of the masses, we also would like to give a second shout out to the worst films which (thankfully) remained fairly unknown to the majority of audiences during the course of the year. It is nothing short of a major shame that the films on our Ten Best Unseen list have eluded wide distribution, as they offer far more in the way of intellectual and artistic challenges than the typical multiplex fare. A few of the films were in very limited art house release and a few are already on DVD, but they were presented by distributors who lacked the marketing muscle to ensure these films received the attention they deserved. Perhaps this annual line-up can bring some more attention to these highly worthy candidates.

As for the Worst Unseen films, this year is a bit different since most of the titles actually secured distribution, albeit on a very limited art house basis which mercifully spared the majority of the film-loving public. It is ironic that such unworthy titles snagged playdates when so many excellent films are still scrambling below the proverbial radar.

So, without further delay, here is the Best and Worst films you probably did not get to see in 2004:

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