By admin | March 17, 2008

I sat down to write this review and realized that there wasn’t one nice thing I could think of to say about “The Temerity of Zim.” From the voiceover narration, to the main character being a complete douchebag, to the need of the short to condescendingly define the word “temerity” for me and the audience, not a damn thing I enjoyed.

The cinematography was flat and uninteresting, the acting from the Method School of Ham and the plot… who cares? Zim is what Ferris Bueller would’ve been like if he had stepped into the transfiguration chamber from “The Fly” the same time that pissant from “Problem Child” was in there. In other words, an annoying prick.

I put myself through weeks of shitty short films during that whole “On the Lot” debacle, and this film could’ve easily found its way into that rotation of poorly executed craptaculous endeavors.

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