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By David Finkelstein | May 15, 2004

This new collection of 12 shorts about sexuality left me feeling severely unsatisfied, consisting as it does, of films which think they are funny or interesting but are not (“Chocolate Sperm,” “Banane-Banane”), films which having nothing whatsoever of interest going on in them (“Video Montevideo,” “Intention,” “Fear and Love in Helsinki,” “Krieg im Sunshineland”), films with interesting ideas which are badly realized (“Faim de Communication”), films with boring and cliché ideas which are nevertheless well-made (“1+1-1”), and films with dumb ideas which are also badly made (“Sesso Annunciato,” “Palindrome”). That leaves two films, each under 3 minutes, which are essentially single jokes, cleverly realized. In Stefan Weinert’s “Always Sergej” we see an appealing performance by Mediha Cetin as a woman who is equally driven by sex and food. Matto Kämpf’s “Loosli” is a fairly amusing joke about how boring sex can be. Lastly, “Pron,” an experimental short by Michael Betancourt which is constructed from internet porn images, stands out as a good idea which is also beautifully executed.

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