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By Ron Wells | July 22, 2000

An interesting little romantic comedy that almost succeeds. Its biggest flaw is that its main protagonist is a shade above loathsome. Dex (Donal Logue) is a slacker, part-time kindergarten teacher and crafty seducing machine. In college, where he studied philosophy and was lean and mean, he got all the chicks no problema, now with a bulging beer gut he employs the Tao of Steve (as in cool dudes like Austin and McQueen) to bag his buddy’s wife, a naive college student and whatever else gets his pulse racing. It’s all a big philosophical head game until Syd (Greer Goodman) pops up and shows Dex there’s more to male-women relations than libido satiation. Though things do head in a more morally mainstream direction in the end, it’s Logue’s excellent performance (in an incredibly unflattering role) and the whimsical, lite touch of the filmmakers that keep the impalpable alluring.

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