Yes, “The Strawberry Patch” doesn’t have the most linear plot line, but who cares? The team of Andy Hass, Aaron Scott, Holly Adams, and Sabrina Crare create one of the most unique and funny claymation short films I’ve seen in a while.

“The Strawberry Patch” is the type of material festival hits are made of, as we follow a curious yellow rabbit who takes it upon himself to sneak into a local Strawberry Patch and gorge on some delicious produce. It’s much too little too late for him, as his plan goes awry when he discovers the Strawberries are tainted, and is soon sucked into a series of comical and awfully bizarre mind trips accompanied by a particular song I’ll bet isn’t legally permitted to be featured.

As he fights the advances of the trippy food, he’s serenaded by the very wild strawberries he’s eaten, making this a fun vignette with some great collaborative animation and slick storytelling. The entire short feels like a learning experience for the animators, and it exemplifies how many cooks in the kitchen isn’t always a bad thing. Always stay away from tainted Strawberries!

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