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By Eric Campos | April 7, 2005

A guy in a wheelchair is eating out a young lady as she moans and rocks back and forth atop a washer in a vacant Laundromat.

I know, it sounds like the set-up for a really dirty joke…or a really good time…but instead it’s just the beginning of this short film from Chris Ohlson. A grunt and a groan and snack time is finished. Time for our wheelchair bound friend to expect a little something in return…like her phone number. This is when our, now satisfied, young lady turns into Megabitch, belittling him and his “spastic hot dog legs” before dumping his laundry in his lap and wheeling him out the front door. But when he returns a moment later, that’s when we discover who really got f****d around here. Hear the perverts of the world cheer!

“The Spin Cycle” is a great looking short, made even better by knockout performances from Candice Bruder and Andy Buck. Bruder alone will make you not want to have oral sex ever again for fear of having your hot dog legs talked about. Great stuff!

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