By Doug Brunell | December 30, 2010

Rita (Veronica D’Agostino) is a little girl who idolizes her father, as does the rest of her Italian village. Her mother doesn’t like her, and never will, but she is her daddy’s princess, so when he is murdered in front of her eyes, she decides to take revenge against the Mafia who had him executed. The only problem? He was just as bad, and nobody in her village supports her in her mission save her brother … who soon meets the same fate as her father.

The Sicilian Girl is based on a true story. And what a story it is. Seventeen-year-old girls don’t come any tougher than this one, and with no help from anyone outside the justice system, she makes her way through a maze of merciless monsters who long for her head on a stick. You may see some of the twists coming, but I can virtually guarantee you won’t spot the ending even if you’ve grown up exclusively on Mafia films.

The fact that this is a foreign, subtitled film will turn off some viewers. Any fan of crime cinema, however, will need to suck it up and watch this. There are so few films of this caliber being made that it should be required viewing. It is also worth mentioning that Music Box Films, which distributes this here in America, has been bringing U.S. audiences some insanely good movies as of late. This is no exception. Don’t take my word for it, though. Experience it for yourself and then check out the rest of what Music Box has to offer. You won’t be sorry.

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