“The Sculptress,” director and writer Ian Merrick’s indie supernatural thriller, will debut in Los Angeles and New York at select theaters on [ Friday, October 27th, 2000 ] . The film will also see premieres in San Francsico and Philadelphia.
“The Sculptress” revolves around the story of a beautiful and talented young artist who sets her sights on studying at a prestigious art institute in San Francisco. But her spirits are thwarted when she begins to mysteriously craft demonic sculptures…and her next door neighbor begins an obsession for her that soon goes out of control. Gratuitous nudity? Probably.
Jeff “Lawnmower Man” Fahey heads the ensemble cast as Dobie, the crazed, psychotic neighbor, and newcomer Katie Wright, previously of “Idle Hands” and “Hairshirt,” which won her Best Actress honors at Slamdunk 2000, plays the innocent art student Sarah. Also onboard is Patrick Bauchau of the long-running television series “The Pretender”. Bauchau, who was also recently seen opposite Jennifer Lopez in “The Cell,” plays Sarah’s art professor.
For more on this upcoming release, head over to the [ the official “Sculptress” website. ]

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