Honestly, one of the best things about writing for Film Threat is amassing a stockpile of “interesting” films to throw on during a mind-blowing drug party. What would I ever do without gems like The Removers, Cradle of Fear, Mule Skinner Blues, Robot Bastard and now…”The Rise and Fall of the Legendary Anglobilly Feverson.”
If Terry Gilliam calls it a “brilliant piece of work,” just like he did on the video box of this screener tape, you pretty much know you’re in for quite a ride. While sitting by a campfire with a friend, a man puts a gun to his head and attempts to blow his brains out but, alas, no bullet. His friend leans over and suggests he listen to his story about a hole in the sky instead of trying to put a hole in his head.
This is when we’re propelled into a total fantasy world, very Gilliam like actually, made up of live action, computer animation and whatever else they used to make this amazing piece. Anglobilly Feverson, a severed head that decides to take a trip through the clouds by being flown around in the grasp of a giant bird to reach the hole in the sky at the other end of the world, meets with a bevy of bizarre characters that dips us into a barrage of hallucinatory sights and sounds.
A technically amazing film. You have to see this one for yourself.

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