On October 22nd, AtomFilms will world premiere “Wallace and Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions,” a series of ten brand new short films featuring Aardman’s claymated duo.
“Cracking Contraptions” marks the first new appearances of Wallace and Gromit in seven years. Each of the ten episodes showcases one of Wallace’s ingenious mechanical inventions in storylines that range from one to three minutes apiece.
Like the earlier Wallace & Gromit films, “Cracking Contraptions” was produced by master animator Nick Park. This time, Park asked past collaborators Chris Sadler and Loyd Price to direct the project. “Wallace and Gromit are like family to me,” said Park. “I couldn¹t be prouder of ‘Cracking Contraptions,’ which provides new insights into the unique relationship of my characters. And considering their love of advanced technology, the Internet is the perfect place for these guys.”
Of course, you’ll have to pony up the $10 subscription fee to AtomFilms to see the films, but for Wallace and Gromit fans, that’s a pretty sweet deal.
To watch “Cracking Contraptions,” visit AtomFilms.

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