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By Film Threat Staff | February 17, 2003

Digital Days, a popular interactive forum that showcases filmmakers and artists working with high definition (HD) and digital technologies, has announced the schedule for the March 7th & 8th event, featured at Victoria Hall during the 2003 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Launched in 1999 as the technological and educational outreach for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Digital Days is an interactive showcase and forum featuring screenings, presentations and seminars with the world’s leading filmmakers. Added to the event this year are a live webcast and live video chat, which will provide “virtual” access to the festival for thousands of remote participants.
The audience at Digital Days will be connected personally and online with industry professionals, teachers, students and the general public in a truly interactive, shared experience as we view and discuss the most recent innovations in contemporary digital film. It is a great learning opportunity as it will give a space for those working in digital mediums on a daily basis to inspire the next generation of technologists and artists.
Highlights of the Digital Days program will include a keynote address by James Keach, panels featuring Allison Anders, Eric Byler, Francois Velle, Holly Willis and an opening night screening of “The Baroness and the Pig,” a High Definition theatrical film. The presentation “NASA, Bringing Digital Technology Back to Earth,” features production and post production technologies which are creating new business opportunities; “Teen Filmmakers,” an international competition of teen films from Belarus, Egypt, Israel and many regions of the USA; “Under Antarctic Ice” an HD Nature Showcase with brilliant images of Antarctic marine life, the first project shot with HD technology in such an extreme environment; and The Best of Resfest, “Videos That Rock,” a series of music videos by the hottest directors and musicians worldwide.
For more information, visit the Digital Days website.

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