By Admin | December 20, 2003

I’ve seen plenty of Star Wars fan films, heard about the ones involving The Matrix, and I suspect that Lord of the Rings fan films might be attempted. But what do you make of a trio led by Bryan Harley (“Nietzsche”) parodying “The Sum of All Fears” trailer?? Who the f**k ARE these guys??

It’s not blasphemous in any way, but the trailer that Harley and his group have come up with is just so nutty, you could swear that they were on a heavy diet of spoof films and many alcoholic concoctions to boot. Just to make sure that you know what trailer they’ve had fun with, clips from “The Sum of All Fears” trailer are briefly interspersed with what goes on. For example, it wasn’t the Russians this time; it was the “Penguins”. And the Russian President here is drunk and happy over being President. Also, 17 Russian scientists are accounted for, but 3 are missing. Where are they? That’s explained too. You can also witness Ted Stryker’s drinking problem from “Airplane!” performed in a totally new light. For such a little amount of time, there’s a Montezuma’s Revenge-load of good material here. Don’t forget the “Bloopers” file either. You may not get a sound psychological answer as to what is up with these guys, but there’s more humor to be had.

Harley and his crazy buds really need to get down to it and turn the trailer into a short film that parodies “The Sum of All Fears”. They’ve got all the right elements for it and I see no trouble at all in sitting down for 30-45 minutes to watch more crazy antics with an animated zeal by these people. They damn well made me laugh.

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