We sure love the enthusiasm of the movie fans at and we’d be right there with them too if we didn’t, well, you know, have other stuff to do. For anyone who wants to join them, here’s the note we received from Sameer about the “Harry Potter” line in Hollywood… ^ For those of you either (1) out of the loop, (2) out of touch, or (3) holed up in a cave somewhere (or Europe, in Kolby’s case), we’re getting together THIS WEEK to line up for Harry Potter. Wednesday starting around 7 pm, though word is people are showing up earlier. In case you’ve missed all the discussion, check this out.
My original message follows below. Come out for a few hours or a few days! We’d love to see you there! ^ The movie screens on FRIDAY MORNING at 11:30 am. I recommend you get your tickets by phone/Internet NOW as they’re going fast!!! ^ So, I was sitting watching TV… ^ … angry about the attacks … ^ … sad that we’re being forced into a war … ^ … scared about the possibility of bioterrorism … ^ … pissed at Variety Club for flaking … ^ and I realized that EVERYBODY’S biorhythms are down. Way down. Like all the way into the shitter down. ^ Corey and I were talking about how people are pissed at each other for no good reason, and how no one’s showing up for stuff anymore, etc. etc. etc… and then half the world hating America, and I realized I’m SICK AND TIRED OF IT. ^ It’s time for something positive and fun, dammit. ^ So here it is: ^ The Star Wars Line (yeah, I said it, Lucas you can sue my a*s) Reunion. ^ NO, not in May for Episode II. ^ This week. ^ For three days, starting on November 14th at 7:00 pm, we’re going to gather around the Chinese Theatre. We’re gonna grill hot dogs, and sing songs, and camp out, and celebrate being alive and movie geeks. And we’re going to wait in line for Harry Potter. ^ I don’t care who’s ahead of us, or who’s behind us. There can be 5,000 people in front of us, and we’ll be backed up to the corner of Orange and Franklin. F*** it. I want everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) who was in the original Chinese Line to get together and meet up to watch a movie. Not necessarily to raise money (but we can certainly Fill the Boot for the firefighters), or be organized, or anything so structured. Let’s get together and have fun again. Those of you out of town or out of the country, now’s the time to come back. Airfares are ridiculously cheap, so break open those piggy banks, blow off your boss for three days, and come out to Hollywood. ^ I’ve rescheduled my work hours to leave time open that week. I’d like to see people I haven’t heard from since May 19, 1999 again. Heck, I’d even like to see Ecstasy Girl, Little Larry, and the guy from the El Capitan again. And Dennis what’s-his-name and his car. ^ So. The challenge is laid down. Let’s do this. Let’s do this to remember what’s fun again, because God only knows, the last couple of months ain’t been too much fun. ^ November 14, 2001. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood. Be there. ^ – Sameer

Star Wars fans are never ones to miss a good party. Hey if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Or if you’re a person with a job, go to work and see the movie on the weekend like everyone else, either way.
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