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By Michael Ferraro | January 27, 2006

Ugh. I left the condo at 8:00am (Utah time) with Eric and Pete. We got to the airport at 9:00am (Utah time).

I didn’t get to my actual apartment here in Orlando till 11:00pm (8:00pm Utah time)

Today has been the longest day ever. Tomorrow, I will add more blog with pictures I took and celebrity stories I have (including the anticipated Matt Dillon story of Death).

To the boys that spent this incredibly busy week with me, I have a few words for you. You see, up until last Friday, the only person in the condo I met before was Chris Gore. Wait, I actually met Mark one time but that was only for like four seconds. I never met Eric or Pete, and Don and I once fought to the death on the message board about War of the Worlds and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Actually, there wasn’t any death involved since we are obviously both alive.

Pete Vonder Haar is a bad m**********r. He’s the guy that gives the rest of the FT team the shitty movies to review, like Bad News Bears and The Island. Don knows what I’m talking about. He is also dedicated. For instance, last night at the Queer Lounge, he wasn’t leaving that mug until he got him some “man-tees.”

I’ll take a picture of what I am talking about in a future blog.

Which brings me to Don… in the now infamous Brokeback Bedroom, Don had the solo bed, while Pete and I shared the bunk bed like Weeblos in the boyscounts (que The Queers “Kicked out of the Weeblos”).

Mark and Eric were f*****g workaholics. While Pete, Don and I were watching four movies a day, attempting to write reviews for each, they were kicking it at the condo updating the site like crazy and cutting together those awesome video interviews some of you may have seen.

It’s safe to say that all of us lived on three or four hours a sleep each night. It was the most busy I have ever been. We worked so hard, it was rare that we all had free time at the same time to hang out. And when we did, we just passed out (after drinking a couple cans of Coors Light, the beer of beers).

It was great meeting all of these guys finally, after reading their reviews and message board postings for years. They are the coolest bunch. Special thanks to Pete for letting me sleep on top.

Chris and Eric – thanks for bringing me along. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me and how much I appreciated the opportunity. I owe you a couple of roadies or something.

Seriously, thanks.

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    “Hope you can make SXSW. The workload is a lot easier, trust me.”

    Or so you think HA HA HA HA HA *cough* HA HA *wheeze* HA *cough wheeze cough fall to the ground* inhaler… please… help… Haaaaaaa…

  2. Pete Vonder Haar says:

    Good meeting you too, man. Hope you can make SXSW. The workload is a lot easier, trust me.

  3. Don Lewis says:

    It was great meeting you too Michael. I think the thing you have to remember about “meeting” on a message board is that you might construe arguing as empassioned discourse. You, Pete and I had the same coversations at the condo and they were fine…and we were drunk! Reading someone’s thoughts are easy to receive the wrong way. I do still think you’re high for not liking BATMAN BEGINS though 😉

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