Taking a few pages from the Trey Parker/Matt Stone satirical playbook, writer/director Jason Woliner pokes at “The Passion of the Christ” with the expected skewed look at the anti-Semitic complaints regarding the film. Gathering what appear to be countless willing compadres, they all praise the film uniformly, while expressing their hatred for the Jews as only white-bred armchair anti-Semites can do with such panache. Woliner is also correct in another respect: Let’s see some outtakes! His version of a possible piñata outtake is too easy, though I’d rather see Pontius Pilate accidentally whacking himself in the face with his own whip. Who wouldn’t? It’d be tons of fun for everyone! Now where’s that commercial for “Philadelphia” advertising the outtake where Tom Hanks misses his mark when he collapses in court?

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