By Admin | March 11, 2003

I remember back in the day that you were a good kid if you didn’t crap your pants all the time. Expectations weren’t incredibly high for you; all you needed to do was be a kid. But recently, parents have been driving themselves crazy trying to plan their kids’ futures just as they’re beginning to walk. This hilarious mockumentary is for them.
In “The Paper Mache Chase,” we’re shown the ridiculously rough admissions process of a fictional nursery school. Head of admissions, Dr. Calhoun, probes the minds of his little hopefuls dressed in suits and ties, quite often finding that their parents have jam packed them with information that some high school students wouldn’t even know.
The kids in this film are a pure joy to watch as they struggle with trying to pull off being little geniuses. But the star attraction here is Dr. Calhoun, played by Spalding Gray. Creepy and goofy at the same time, this is the best I’ve ever seen Gray and every second of his screen time is a riot.
Dave Jordan has created a mockumentary with a sense of humor similar to The Confetti Brothers, adding his own twist on things to keep the film fresh and consistently funny.

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