Can’t decide whether you wanna tie the knot with that special someone or not? Just make a documentary.
That’s what Karen Sosnoski and Fred Zeytoonjian did. Their film, “Wedding Advice: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace,” will premiere at the Detroit Docs Film Festival on November 17th. The film highlights experts, family members, and friends advising the filmmakers, partners for 19 years, on whether or not they should marry. In the process, personal histories and much ambivalence about the institution are revealed.
In addition to interviews, the documentary features scenes from the April 2000 mass gay marriage on the mall in DC. Artful wedding photography by Kate Philbrick and Marian Lockhart highlights the beauty and romance of weddings, while turn-of-the-century silent film footage highlights their comic and stereotypical aspects.
For more counselling, visit the Wedding Advice website.

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