By Eric Campos | October 26, 2002

Produced as an entry for the short film festival, “The Nightmare Before Breakfast” isn’t about a sugary skeleton man who takes a trip through the world of General Mills cereal characters, but instead is about that uncomfortable interaction between two strangers when they wake up in bed together after a long night of Skyy Vodka drinkin’ and screwin’.
This short plays out like a stand up comedian’s well-written bit on one-night stands, illustrated with digital video, as Dave wakes up in his bed to find a strange, but attractive woman passed out next to him. After Dave’s useless attempts at trying to avoid confrontation, the two eventually wind up staring at each other, sharing an awkward conversation as Dave tries to piece together the previous evening’s festivities, all the while trying to dodge the “take me to breakfast” bullet.
The humor in “The Nightmare Before Breakfast” is definitely more geared towards the guys as the film caters more to how much of a bummer this whole situation is for Dave. Yes, there’s a few jokes thrown in for the female side of things, but they’re outweighed by fart, morning wood and used rubber gags. Not that this is a bad thing. I think it’s funny. Of course, I’m a guy whose humor has yet to progress past the junior high stage.

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