By Eric Campos | January 24, 2006

Alternative Titles To This Post:

Get Ready For Some Dick

We Love Dick!

This Dick Will Be On Everyone’s Lips This Year

Jack Valenti Gets Reamed By Dick

I saw Kirby Dick’s new doc, “This Film Is Not Yet Rated,” this morning and it was the bomb. One of our favorite documentarians just shreds the MPAA and even goes as far as to attempt to reveal the names of the members of the Ratings Board that have always been kept secret. Amazing film!! Expect to hear a lot about this one this year.

Ate a giant burrito today in record speed. I was eating so quick that a crowd had gathered around me to watch. A bunch of crazy mormons chanting – FIREBALL, FIREBALL, FIREBALL…Long story short, I had to buy a new pair of pants today.

Despite the mountain of work I have facing me, I agreed to attend a midnight screening of “Foot Fist Way” at the request of publicist Judy Drutz. We love Judy, so off I go to yet another movie in a couple hours.

pray for mojo

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