…a virgin to the Mountain Time Zone that is.

Actually, I’ve never been outside of the Eastern Time Zone. Plus it’s going to be cold. I can’t tell you how excited I am to actually see snow again. I’ve lived in Florida for so long that I don’t even have the proper winter clothes needed to keep myself warm. Hell, I don’t even remember what it’s like to leave my house without sweating before I get to the car. But Chris Gore, being the caring fatherly figure that he is, fixed my lack of proper clothing for me though. He sent me a small box a couple of months back with a giant red winter coat stuffed inside. Now I can be warm. He also included (in the pocket of this fine jacket) a weird headband/ear cover thing. It too is red. Gore must love him some red accessories. I hope he isn’t missing it because I plan on wearing it and giving you fine folks a peek of it with our awesome video blogs… so keep your peeps open.

I must remember to personally thank Gore and Eric Campos for allowing me to come on such an exciting adventure.
As you may have figured out before, this is my first trip to Sundance. I am super excited, as there are lots of films I want to see (in particularly, the new Beastie piece, Awesome! I Fuckin’ Shot That) and lots of beer I would like to drink.

Snow + Beer + Cold + Films = A really great time.

I have a lot of packing to do tonight. I haven’t even started. It shouldn’t take me all that long though, since I only have about 4 shirts and two pairs of pants. I have to get the camera ready… pictures will be taken and shown about. I am pumped. And tomorrow isn’t coming fast enough.

I’ll see you in the snow…


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  1. Katy and Breana says:

    Dude, no need to talk about strippers. You’re there purely for the films, right?
    I am extremely offended that you say that you’ve never been out of the Eastern Time Zone, did you forget about your awesome trip to WI?
    We hope that you’re having a great time in Utah. We want to see lots of pictures.
    -K and B

  2. Mike Ferraro says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Do they use titty tape at these strip joints? They do in Florida and it’s hilarious to see tits with an X on the nipple, like there is buried treasure under there or something.

    I don’t really consider skanky strippers “treasure” at all…

  3. Don Lewis says:

    Don’t forget your sunglasses MF! They keep your bloodshot eyes safe and the glare of 6 feet of powder is brutal.

    Also, I don’t think Eric or Pete told you…..but you have to pay for us (and Gore and Mark) to get into the Park City strip club. It’s an “initiation fee” as it were. It’s the only strip club there and you really gotta see it to believe it. lets just say…..they may be saving themselves….

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