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By Mark Fulton | December 14, 2008

Subtext seems at the forefront of writer-director Art D’Alessandro’s short. A middle-aged man in a white shirt and tie comes home from work. Things are strewn around the house, especially in his bedroom which is truly a mess. He throws a tantrum so full of rage that he almost has a heart attack. His teenage daughter remains in her room.

He cleans up, methodically, so everything is in its place. His wife comes home and they have a long discussion about why either one can’t change. The mess seems a doorway as to why their marriage is troubled, but more importantly, how one should live one’s life and what is truly important.

Then it turns out the mess is not what he thought.

The production values are very polished. It’s a film school sheen, that as I think about it, matches the story’s themes. It’s a suburban life snapshot of why so much anxiety can be over so little.

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