By Chris Gore | December 13, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: WORLD PREMIERE – It’s Valentine’s Day and Charlie finds himself getting dumped by his girlfriend of three years, Mallory. Four months later, and Charlie still can’t cope without her. His best friend Nick tries to keep him on track, throwing new girls his way; but Charlie believes there’s only one girl for him. He calls her, he thinks about her all day. But Mallory wants nothing to do with him.
And then: Charlie sees her with her new boyfriend, Curtis. Charlie loses it. He screams, he yells…and he follows the two of them home. While Nick continues to try to deter Charlie’s mind, Charlie won’t let go of his obsession. He knows he needs to take action. He needs to destroy the relationship between Mallory and Curtis. He decides the best way to do this is from the inside-out: he will secretly become friends with Curtis and he will ruin them. But Charlie is in for more than he ever imagined.

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