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By Chris Salce | October 14, 2021

NEW TO VYRE! Director/writer Dale Resteghini brings a story to the screen that resembles something straight out of The Twilight Zone with Cracka. The film follows a white supremacist who goes back in time to an altered reality where African-Americans were the slave owners, and European-Americans were the slaves. Will history be changed as we know it?

Lorenzo Antonucci stars as Michael Stone, who is a modern-day white supremacist. Michael finds himself in an altered past where black slave owners are hunting him. However, things aren’t quite clear to Michael as to why he is there nor why everything seems very unfamiliar. After being captured, Michael is sold to a vicious slave owner that has no remorse for “crackas.”

“…a white supremacist who goes back in time to an altered reality where African-Americans were the slave owners…”

I would start by saying that Cracka is not for everyone. The language, as well as the images, may be offensive to some. Not only is slavery the main story, but it also has derogatory words thrown around in what seems to be every sentence. It also features a rape scene. With that being said, these are the things slaves experienced as it has been recorded in history books. With cancel culture showing up everywhere, it will surely get complaints, but no such qualms will be heard from me when it comes to being accurate to the harsh reality of what slaves faced. As for the story, I thought it was quite interesting.

As I stated above, the narrative is something straight out of The Twilight Zone. It reminded me of the segment from the feature film based on the popular show starring the late, great Vic Morrow. He played the role of a racist drunk that was thrown into an altered past. Resteghini’s script is very similar but centers on a different time period. I did have interest in the plot all the way up until the very end. Unfortunately, the conclusion is very clichéd. It feels like this was the easiest route to take when nothing else can explain why the protagonist went through what he went through.

In this day and age, racism sadly still exists, and Cracka is sure to be controversial to any audience, no matter what race they may be. However, it is a film that will surely have the audience talking which is a good thing. If any media you consume has you talking, it is because something resonates with you one way or another.

Cracka (2021)

Directed and Written: Dale Resteghini

Starring: Lorenzo Antonucci, Kathryn Kates, Dex Jackson, Saigon, William C. Tate, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Cracka Image

"…a film that will surely have the audience talking..."

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  2. Lakesha says:

    Why is this film not available in the us

  3. Dale Resteghini says:

    Thanks for the wonderfully open minded review. For the record this clip was never created to be exhibited in the public ad it was merely a proof of concept of which got me to the big 3 agencies and plenty of top acting talent in the game today. Ultimately creative and the pandemic at the top of 2020 created an opportunity for me to release this and let the public speak!!! It’s been so overwhelming we are now in development for CRACKA to have a full first season as an episodic!!! Racism is as important to me as anything is to anybody and unfortunately it’s been here longer than any of us on this planet today.

    • Judith Young says:

      Dale, Thank you for taking the time to show the truth that people don’t want to see. The only problem we are having with this movie us that AMERIKKKA doesn’t want us to see it. We cannot get access. This has to be a great movie if they ban it. How can we buy a copy for viewing since it isn’t available anywhere for us to view?

    • Brian Fox says:

      Hey Dale, I love that you took the time to respond yourself. I’m friends with Lorenzo. I cannot wait for it to be an episodic series. I will promote the ever loving ish outta this. Thanks for your vision. It adds something the world hasn’t seen or really thought about, but, seeing it with your own eyes really helps open them.

  4. Cracka - Chimpy says:

    […] post Cracka first appeared on Film […]

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