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By Eric Campos | May 22, 2005

Something has gone terribly wrong in the life of Lorenzo as interviewer has become the subject. Through brief flashbacks, we’re shown what looks to be an aftermath of a shooting due to an acquaintance of Lorenzo doing his best Mr. Orange backseat “I’m gonna die” song and dance. And so, taking his time in front of the camera for once, Lorenzo pulls us back into the events that led to this bloody misadventure.

Lorenzo is a hotshot tabloid journalist whose feeling the burn from his own bullshit so he tries to validate himself by doing something more meaningful, namely doing a piece called “The Lucky Ones”, a video study of those who’ve stumbled upon great and often unexpected fortune. But the seedy tabloid journalist inside Lorenzo refuses to release his hold on him and thus leads him to the aforementioned event that, in the end, may be the one thing powerful enough to make him change his ways.

“The Lucky Ones” takes you on a tour through the gutters of the rich and famous, sticking your nose in the filth to make sure you get a good whiff. Think what you may of these people as you watch the film, and then turn that disgust onto the general public, maybe even yourself, as they’re the ones obsessed with this culture of fame that breeds people like Lorenzo who is only too happy to bring it to them, heaped and steaming, sacrificing their own souls to do so.

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