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By Tom Meek | May 27, 1997

Something not only survived, it flourished! Steven Speilberg’s big noisy follow up to “Jurassic Park” is destined to be an even bigger money maker. It’s technologically more advanced, far more thrilling and there’s infinitely more dinos per minute. The plot, loosely based on Crichton’s novel, is essentially a paleontological episode of “When Animals Attack” — and there are some great scenes of conflict, like the human wishbone and the piranha nipping Campys. Nerds Jeff Goldblum (back with more mathematical ramblings about probability) and Julianne Moore set off for Site B (the secret sister island to JP) where they find a thriving dinosaur ecosystem. Scientific serenity doesn’t last long when they run across two pissed-off Tyrannosaurs and a pack of hungry Raptors. Also on the island is big-game hunter, Pete Postlethwaite and his crew of corporate mercenaries, who ala “King Kong,” bag, tag and transport a T-Rex back to…. San Diego? Once in zoo town, the thunderous Lizard King goes on a rampage giving Spielberg and his FX wizards the opportunity to show case their well honed talents. Nothing extinct here, just pure dino-might!

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