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By Amy R. Handler | March 13, 2013

The drug-addicted daughter of a divorced, Dominican couple becomes the recipient of a family intervention, much to her horror and embarrassment. The problem is that the junkie in question seems shockingly normal compared to her outrageously eccentric family, and the equally bugged out interventionist.

Director Giovanny Blanco’s The Last Intervention, is a mockumentary farce, about how 17-year-old Melky (Alyssa Abreu) copes with life after her mom, Marisela (Katherine Dickson), boots her out of the house because of inappropriate friends and unacceptable behavior. It is Melky’s decision to move into Grandma Abuela’s (Damaris Blanco) basement that spurs Papa Cheche (Hemky Madera) to solicit a film crew to document a full blown intervention on his daughter’s behalf.

While Giovanny Blanco’s comical characters, superb actors and wonderful score seem to be the epitome of cinematic strength— and the script of Sarah Thorp is terrific— somehow or other, the film feels overly contrived and lacking in any kind of humor and meaning. The strange part is, I’m not sure how or why this happens, considering the sheer talent of everyone involved. My best guess is that the farce-structure is perhaps not the best suited for this filmmaker and cast.

Considering the world we live in, and how tough it can be just to get by, poking fun at social problems, and ourselves, is a great antidote. However, humor is strongest when it is subtle. Comedy is the most difficult of all art forms, because it is so completely subjective. When frivolity is forced, in a movie meant to be funny, it lacks that belief-factor so important for its success, and falls flat.

What would really be interesting is if Giovanny Blanco and Company could reinvent themselves, and make their next project a serious drama. There’s no doubt it would be amazing!

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