Hollywood Shorts, a festival, community, and meeting grounds of sorts, rolls out the red carpet once a month for a special cinematic showcase of new and up-and-coming talent that directors, writers, producers, and other assorted big-wigs can check out for the first time. Many new faces have gotten a start in the hallowed entertainment industry thanks to the Hollywood Shorts program.
The next event will screen new films on [ October 8th, 2000 ] in Los Angeles. Here are the chosen ones:
FOR THE BIRDS (Animation) by Ralph Eggleston and Karen Dufhilo of Pixar. ^ VINNIE & ANGELA’S BEAUTY SALON AND FUNERAL PARLOR by Greg Avellone and Robert Rhein. ^ SKINS by Chris Mancini. ^ NO IDEA by Dan McLaughlin. ^ DOGSBODY by Karl Golden and Martina Niland. ^ THE CONFESSION by Carl Pfirman, Grace Lee, and Jonathan Wald. ^ REMBETIKA by Francesca DiAmico and Claudia Unger. ^ THE DANCING COW by Taz Goldstein, Robert Moniot and Rick Wolfe.
For more information, call Hollywood Shorts at [ (323) 960-3385 ext. 2 ] for details. You can also email them at [ ] . Or, see them on the web at [ the Hollywood Shorts website. ]

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