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By Doug Brunell | May 25, 2003

After watching this five minute film, my only reaction was, “It took two people to write this?” Simplistic is one thing, but trying to be clever about it is another. Even the most ardent glue sniffer could see what was coming, and the “interesting” twist of reversing roles midway through the film didn’t really help matters any, either.
Writer, director and producer Katharine Leis stars in “The Hypocrit” (misspelled for no apparent reason) with her writing partner Gustavo Flores, and each one takes a turn ranting about the lack of responsibility in today’s society. This social commentary is actually brought on by a news report of a hit and run. I don’t really need to point out where the story is going, do I?
Maybe this movie was made for grade school kids. Maybe it was made for the people who liked Dick Baby, but found that film to be too involved. Either way, it definitely wasn’t made for me or anyone else whose reading level has progressed past the fourth grade, and it should be avoided like Singapore during SARS season.

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