How do you two feel, being two of the most classic horror villains around, about the recent success of the horror spoof film? Do you think that younger generations will be effected by the way films like Scary Movie have laid out the traditional ’80s horror film plot when “Jason X” and “Freddy vs. Jason” get released? ^ Englund: Sure they’ve had success, but isn’t the biggest hit of the summer The Others? That’s not too spoofy. ^ Hodder: I just love the violence. I’m a stuntman, so I’ve done a lot of other films, but the scary stuff is what I love and I don’t think I’m the only one out there.
With you both being legends and movie stars in your own weird ways, have you guys ever had any unusual fan experiences? ^ Hodder: Not until now. There’re a lot of people who ask me to do strange things, like ‘would you kill someone in my family?’ and stuff like that. ^ Englund: I was part of the New York Halloween parade one year in full Freddy attire with the kids from the high school of the performing arts– you know, (mock singing) ‘Fame! I’m gonna sing this song forever and drive you insane!’ Some point during the break in West Village I had some really interesting goth girls start following me around and they followed me for about six months everywhere I went. So I would say that was my strangest Freddy experience.
Kane, being around as long a Robert has I would imagine that you too have participated in events similar to that parade. Do you enjoy participating in events like that, and have you ever had an experience like Robert’s? ^ Hodder: Yeah, it’s kind of fun though to do stuff like that in make-up. The one experience that sticks out in my mind though is a bit different from Robert’s. I once did, as Robert did, an MTV beach house one summer in full make-up with an MTV guy named John Norris. He asked me to be very careful during this last scene we did as to not upset his wig– I’m probably giving away something here. Anyway, I said ‘sure, I’ll be careful with that,’ and the last scene at the beach house– or the whole scene I guess– which was supposed to be the kill scene I did whatever I could to get that thing off his head. And I must say, it’s stuck on there.
Finally, does anything really scare the masters of terror? ^ Englund: I’m pretty old-school. “The Innocence,” which is not unlike The Others, and more recently a little Brian De Palma film called “Sisters.” But the thing I found scariest recently was the possibility of a SAG strike — now that’s terrifying!
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