By admin | March 31, 1997

I was one and three years old when The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II were originally released. I had to fall in love with them on videotape and settle for seeing Part III on the big screen. I’ve obviously always felt a bit gypped. Well the original is back on the big screen and it looks great. Thankfully we don’t get new scenes such as Santino driving into Mos Eisley or Greedo shooting first before getting a bullet in the skull from Michæl. Instead we get the chance to see Pacino before he got, well, a little creepy. Not to mention a chance to see this American classic the way it was originally intended to be seen: big and loud. One warning however: James Caan’s shoulder hair, when seen on this size screen, may frighten children considerably (you’ll at least want to discuss it openly after the show, answering any questions your kids may have in an honest and direct manner).
There were no free press screenings and I had to pay six bucks for parking alone, but it was easily worth it. So put on your shoes, stop by the ATM, get your a*s down to the theater and cough it up, wise guy. Remember, the running time is over three hours long and you may get hungry. Don’t forget the cannoli

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