By Steve Anderson | April 10, 2007

Ever watch a really pointless crime drama with what may or may not be a vampiric serial killer / assassin making quasi-random appearances for little or no reason? Want to?

Basically, “Sons of Vengeance” revolves around a young man who owes a lot of money to some “bad” people (they’re clearly trying to be badasses in the best Tarantino tradition–personally, I think they’ve all just watched “From Dusk Til Dawn” one too many times). His brother is given a task–to discharge his brother’s death, he’s going to have to kill the head of a rival crime syndicate.

When you come right down to it it just seems to be more like a bad playground exercise than it is a movie–a bunch of kids playing Rival Crime Syndicates and one kid who won’t play unless he gets to be a vampire. It’s really not much of a movie at all–disjointed and without much point, even crime drama fans are going to be hard pressed to find anything worth caring about in “Sons of Vengeance”. All in all, “Sons of Vengeance” is an enormous snooze courtesy of our friends in Mexico. As a crime drama it’s rather dull, and too many useless side elements reduce the quality even further.

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