If you missed The Found Footage Festival tour when it hit your town this year, first off, shame on you. We told you all about it, so you only have yourself to blame. Now go sit in the corner for a half hour and think about what you’ve done.

Good news is, a “Volume 1: Live in Brooklyn” DVD has been released by the good folks at The Found Footage Festival. The DVD contains the full live show as Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher introduce each of the bizarre found video clips they’ve discovered at various garage sales, thrift stores and dumpsters. Yes, dumpster diving has benefits for psychotronic video enthusiasts, too. Clips features during the show include many we’ve talked about on the site before, such as “It Only Takes a Second,” a highly tragic and violent insurance video; “McC,” an achingly embarrassing McDonald’s employee training video; “John & Johnny,” everyone’s soon to be favorite coked up television home shopping hustlers stumble through their sales pitches; and, of course, the crown jewel – “Jack Rebney,” otherwise known as The Angriest Man in the World. New here are clips like the infamous “Corey Haim: Me, Myself & I,” a bullshit vanity video with Haim basking in his own coolness; “Exercise Video Montage,” featuring classic exercise workout videos with Alyssa Milano, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Traci Lords; and “Carnival in Rio,” Arnold Schwarzenegger embracing the title of Captain Jackass like none other as he parties in the streets and harasses the locals in Rio.

All of these and many more are included on the DVD that also has an option to skip the live show portion of the program and go directly to the found footage clips. Yes, everyone can finally experience what all of this Found Footage hub-bub is all about without having to dive in dumpsters themselves.

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