Of all the sites out there where an account has to be created for access, Music Plus TV is one you need to add to your list, if only for a few minutes with “A.P.U: Art, Pot and Underwear”. Sign up, sign on, and download this hilariously novel look at Hollywood through celebrity and celebrity underwear hunter. “A.P.U” first makes a grand introduction by a trailer for the latest movie starring Kiko Rosenberg (Seth Landau) and Adrienne Lennon (Jen Richey), “Civilian Justice 2”, where a former white cop has a black cop buddy, and the girl is into both of them. Like it so far? It gets much better.

The end of the trailer segues into the moving truck occupied by K.W. (Kenneth Bristow) and The Scooter (Scott Schowch), hired by Lennon to pack up her possessions as her marriage to Kiko most likely went sour a few months beforehand, just barely afloat to keep smiling and waving at the press, before both realized that it wasn’t worth it, even if it affected them in all manners of the media. Just a theory. Now imagine this house, abuzz with not only the former couple in the house, but with The Scooter finding Adrienne’s thong, a cocaine-addicted accountant (Daniel Schweiger) cutting the goods, and what looks like two members of Adrienne’s entourage, those kinds of ladies who may or may not be getting ahead in Hollywood, and only exist just to keep talking without saying a whole lot. So now you have it from all sides. There’s the celebrities trying to make something livable out of the end of this part of their lives, with Kiko accompanied by his bud Rhodes (Justin Walker) and the awe-struck movers, just happy to be there, with their own purpose. And where Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is no doubt worshipped by many a movie buff and college student, The Scooter is a new God of indie film. Where The Dude worried about the money handover being screwed up, The Scooter is completely nonchalant about everything. His actions, even if you’re into thong-sniffing, are a new way to meditate! Just relaxing is good enough.

“A.P.U” includes absolutely everything suggested in its title and also includes a look at Hollywood that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Where there are enough movies about studio executives, the struggles of making a movie and desperately hanging around Hollywood hoping for notice somewhere, we’re just tooling around amidst the expensive houses. Movie stars aside, it’s just a regular day in Hollywood. Long live The Scooter!

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