By Chris Gore | December 13, 2001

This film has not yet been reviewed. Check back later for the complete review here on Synopsis: NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE – The First Story is a twelve minute experimental documentary exploring the image of power in the post industrial age. Images of freight trains and semi trucks in the American West are juxtaposed with sequences that explore Western lifestyle, specifically its effect on life forms other than human beings-horses, cattle, sheep, grasses, etc. Through the visuals and audio, the idea of power is presented-both natural and man-made sources–and the uses that humans find for both.
The film’s sound design is created primarily from the sources seen in the film. The industrial sounds of freight trains and trucks are used to make rhythms that unify the film, and form the structural backbone of the twelve minute visual study.
The First Story was constructed as an exploration of filmmaking technique. The images were collected on super 8 throughout Wyoming and Montana over the course of two years. They were compiled under the guiding principle of applying the improvisational techniques of making music to making a film. Themes emerge, develop and morph into something new, both in image and sound, all revolving around the central idea of power in its various forms.

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