By Merle Bertrand | September 27, 2001

Of all the irritating things people who have a romantic partner can say to those who don’t, the ol’ stand-by, “There’s someone out there for everyone” has to rank way up there on the gag-o’-meter. Yet like many cliches and generalizations, there’s a kernel of truth in that timeworn staple; a truism brought home to us by “Killer Me”‘s unlikely couple Joseph (George Foster) and Anna (Christina Kew). Joseph, after all, is either a psychopathic serial killer…or a man who’s deluded himself into believing that he is. As for Anna, a meek but obsessive and disturbed stalker, simply the fact that a reasonably decent seeming guy like Joseph is paying attention to her is enough. Suffice it to say, Anna perhaps doesn’t have the best judgment when it comes to men. Since a stalker and a psychopath are going to have tough times finding mates under normal circumstances, surely the “someone for everyone” argument earns a bit of validation when these two freaks find each other.

Although director Zachary Hansen earns a few kudos for having the audacity to matchmake such an unlikely pair, his film is practically stillborn as a result. Not surprisingly, neither Joseph nor Anna possess much in the way of charisma. Combine that problem with the film’s bare bones, low-key, utilitarian feel, and “Killer Me” plays dryer than the Sahara during a drought.

While it’s true that “Killer Me” is unnerving at times, especially in those moments when Anna has unwittingly placed herself in grave danger just be being around the ready-to-blow Joseph, the film really goes nowhere fast. Much more an introspective character study of a couple of truly creepy folks than a thriller, “Killer Me” nearly kills us all with its interminable navel gazing.

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