By Chris Parcellin | April 3, 2001

There are few things better in this world than a good lesbian vampire flick. The kind with a lot of top shelf eroticism and first rate B-movie starlets who’ll get naked anytime you pick up a camera. And when you’ve got a film boasting the talents of voluptuous Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks and the eye-poppingly hot Darian Caine–well, it doesn’t take much to crank out a real homerun of a horror movie.
In “The Erotic Ghost”, Doris (Caine) is married to a dorky skinhead named Robert (Zachary Snygg) who bores her with missionary position sex and his mindless whining about his job. It later becomes very apparent that he spends an awul lot of his time at the job just spacing out.
Back at the ranch, Doris is having some dreamy interludes with an ethereal vampiress (Parks) that are leaving her all hot and bothered. And while Doris is enjoying the kinky sex, she clearly feels guilty about cheating on that jerky Robert.
In the meantime, Doris also meets up with a couple of sultry she-devil types in her basement and gets some righteous threesome action going on with the demonic babes. Simultaneously, Robert’s total ineptitude on the job is getting him kicked upstairs. And, surprisingly enough, his interactions with his bizarre coworkers are genuinely amusing.
“The Erotic Ghost” is funny, sexy and well-acted. Writer/Director John Bacchus is emerging as a genuine talent, and this film truly exceeds expectations.

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